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Tyrconnell 15yo Madeira Finish Irish Whisky 700mL

Tyrconnell 15yo Madeira Finish Irish Whisky 700mL

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This historic Irish whiskey brand was born from the heroics of a legendary horse, who won the iconic National Produce Stakes in 1876, against fierce odds. Its victory captured the imaginations of the crowd, which included A. A. Watt, a local gentlemen distiller (God that sounds like an amazing title - doesn’t it?). To commemorate the victory and joyous occasion he created a limited edition, small batch whiskey at Watt Distillery, and bestowed it with the name of the local champion.

Released in March 2018, this limited edition single malt bottling was aged for 15 years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. It then finished its maturation in former Madeira wine casks, a fortified wine produced off the coast of Portugal on the Madeira Islands. This single malt is double-distilled rather than triple-distilled as is more traditional in Irish whiskey production

700mL | 46% ABV

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