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Teeling 13yo Brabazon Series 4 700mL

Teeling 13yo Brabazon Series 4 700mL

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It's the fourth release in Teeling's Brabazon Bottling series, and this time the team in Dublin has got its hands on some rather interesting casks to finish its excellent single malt whiskey in. Carcavelos white Port casks, to be specific. Carcavelos is a style of Port which dates back to the 18th century, though it isn't a widely well-known as some other styles, which makes this expression all the more intriguing.

Fresh melon and pear on the nose, with a drizzle of runny toffee. A subtle touch of citrus zestiness develops later on.
The palate is softly oaky, with a hint of warm hay, swiftly followed by a wealth of crisp apple and white grape notes.
Subtly chocolatey on the finish, with a hint of stem ginger.

700mL | 49.5% ABV

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