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Roots Norwester Navy Strength Dry Gin 700mL

Roots Norwester Navy Strength Dry Gin 700mL

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Produced in the heart of New Zealand's internationally recognised wine region, Elemental Distillers is a Marlborough based craft distillery, founded by Ben Leggett and Simon Kelly. Bringing decades of combined international drinks experience, Ben and Simon believe in delivering premium craft spirits and liqueurs with complete transparency of all ingredients, processes and production, from root - to cup.

Roots Norwester Navy Strength Dry Gin is distilled entirely on estate from eight seasonally sourced botanicals, which includes wild juniper, grapefruit zest, coriander seeds, organic hops, wild kawakawa fruit, wild gorse flower, organic Akaroa giant kelp and Hawke?s Bay hemp seed. The gin is gunpowder proofed in recognition of Royal Navy gins of old. It is named after the strong Norwest winds of the south Pacific and prevailing Marlborough weather systems.

This is a crisp and robust ?London Dry? style gin with aromatic reminiscence of the stormy Pacific seas. Juniper on the palate with clean spice notes, a delicate salinity and subtle nutty finish. Well balanced. 

54.5% ABV

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