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Reid+Reid "Rev. Dawson" Gin 700mL

Reid+Reid "Rev. Dawson" Gin 700mL

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Reid + Reid Reverend Dawson?s Gin is named after one of New Zealand?s leading prohibitionist who also happens to be the great, great grandfather of Stewart and Chris Reid.
Reverend John Dawson was the General Secretary of the N.Z. Alliance from 1909  - 1925. During this period Dawson became widely known because of his assiduous parliamentary lobbying and campaigning in favour of total prohibition.
This gin is distilled using the ?one shot? method to produce a classic dry gin focusing on juniper and citrus flavours. 

Tasting Notes: Piney juniper with zesty citrus characters. Fresh and bright on the palate with a textural and aromatic finish.

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