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Plantation Old Fashion Tradiit. Dark Rum 700mL

Plantation Old Fashion Tradiit. Dark Rum 700mL

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Plantation O.F.T.D. Rum is Plantation's take on that classic style of overproof rums. And not just their own: to join him on the quest to get the blend and the proof just right, Alexandre Gabriel scoured rum joints around the world to find six grizzled old salts who knew which end of a rum bottle was which.

Together they came up with this blend of Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados rums, bottled at 69 percent alcohol.

O.F.T.D. officially stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark but if you ask any of the seven collaborators who were in the room when this blend was born, they?ll tell you it really stands for something else that was exclaimed when the winning rum was tasted?

Alexandre Gabriel : ?At Maison Ferrand, I often feel that we are a team of misfits having fun. With the O.F.T.D. band of rum geeks, I felt at home. I will never forget the special moments we had creating this rum: the secret meeting at Arnaud?s, the week in Cognac, the many samples tasted and the discussions about the true nature of overproof rum spoken with the same gravitas and intensity of statesmen discussing peace treaties. And all the time we were having a ball! These special moments of communion with a talented and passionate team are the reason I love my job. These guys are my rum brothers for life."


Alc./Vol. : 69%
Origin : 
Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana
Raw material : 
Barbados : 
72 hours
Guyana : 
1 week
Jamaica : 
2 weeks
Barbados : 
Twin Column & Pot Still (Gregg?s Farm)
Guyana : 
Port Mourant
Jamaica : 
Pot Still (John Dore)
Volatile Substances : 
200 g/hL AA
Dosage : 
0 g/L
Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) : 
between 0% and 0.1%
Solely to adjust ? if needed ? the color between different batches. Color may initially vary according to the type, the age and the size of the ageing casks

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