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Oban 14yo 700mL

Oban 14yo 700mL

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Oban 14yo Single Malt has a sweet, peated nose with nuances of burnt heather, carried through to the palate with just a touch of creaminess. The distillery is in the town of Oban, taking water from Loch Gleann a'Bhearraidh. The water is as fresh as a daisy, a daisy with a hint of peat that is. Ground, malted Barley is washed with heated water that is fermented producing a rough beer, this is distilled twice in pot stills to give spirit. Oban is released after 14 years ageing in old Bourbon casks, the point at which the softness added by the casks compliments the spirit's gentle salty peatiness

43% ABV l 700mL

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