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Michters US*1 American Unblended Whiskey 700mL

Michters US*1 American Unblended Whiskey 700mL

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Michters is Americas first distilling company, dating back to 1753 when they started out making rye whiskey. They take a 'Cost Be Damned' approach to the production of every barrel, using various methods including air drying their barrels for 36 months, toasting the barrels before charring them, using a low barrel-entry strength, heat cycling to encourage ageing during the winter. The American whiskey is aged in second-fill bourbon casks. It has a rich, soft sweetness which is remarkable.

This American whiskey from Michter's Distiller in Louisville, Kentucky, is matured in barrels which had previously held bourbon. As such, this expression cannot be called bourbon, as bourbon needs to be matured in new American oak barrels - hence why it's called whiskey instead. Slightly confusing legal nomenclature aside, it's bloomin' marvellous!

Aromas of polished oak, buttery corn and a kick of caraway spiciness.
The palate is wonderfully creamy on the palate, boasting notes of butterscotch, golden syrup and sultanas.
Corn appears again on the finish, with peach and apple alongside it.

700mL | 41.7%ABV



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