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Michter's 10yo Bourbon 700mL

Michter's 10yo Bourbon 700mL

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Each year, Michter?s releases a 10-year-old single barrel bourbon in very limited quantities. Very few details about the spirit are available other than its fire-charred new American white oak barrels. The source of the distillate is unknown, as is it mash bill.
But it must be one of Kentucky's best kept secrets, as the Michter's 10yo is a brilliant expression - well balanced notes of dried fruit, oak-y spice and vanilla with a subtle herbaceous hint along the way. Simply put, this is top quality bourbon.

Rounded notes of hot chocolate, old brandy, vanilla ice cream and charred oak on the nose.
Black Forest gateau on the palate, cinnamon cookies, orange oil, a hint of buttered apple.
With peanut brittle, cask char warmth and peppercorn on the finish.

700mL | 47.2% ABV

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