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LWF Distilling White Rum 500mL

LWF Distilling White Rum 500mL

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The first Rum from LWF Distillery. This clean white rum is created by fermenting Molasses from Bundaberg, Queensland Australia with a specialty yeast, in beautiful clean New Zealand rainwater. The completed ferment is then transferred to the pot still for its first distillation.

This ‘wash run’ is then combined with one other wash run to go through the rectifying column – the spirit run. The spirit run is where all the purification happens – the spirit comes off at between 94-98 abv. Its clean and ready to settle for a couple of weeks before being reduced to 40%, with 5 times filtered New Zealand rainwater for bottling.

This is a fresh rum, with clean flavour and just enough distinct back flavour to be enjoyed in any of your classic cocktails.

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