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Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae 700mL

Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae 700mL

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After a break of 523 years, spirit is once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey in Fife, the Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky. With Lindores Abbey?s widely recognised links to the earliest written reference to Scotch Whisky and learning as much as they can from the great Scottish distillers around them, past and present, they are bringing a very modern whisky-making approach to this ancient site.

Still using the traditional pots still, the Aqua Vitae has been labeled as a 'Spirit Drink with Herbs and Spices'. Truly one of a kind, this is an excellent mixer for a unique cocktail.
Lemon verbena, dried-fruit-like raisin and date aromas
The palate is balanced and fresh with an ideal blend of flavours and rich textures
Rich, caramel sweetness and some lovely light herbal notes on the finish

700mL | 40%ABV

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