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Kavalan Solist Manzanilla Cask Single Malt 700mL

Kavalan Solist Manzanilla Cask Single Malt 700mL

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Situated at the cross boundary of Yi-Lan mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the King Car distillery has been creating something that many thought would never happen: Taiwanese whisky. Naming their brand after the indigenous people that originally inhabited that area, the Kavalan, was a way to show how genuine King Car Group wanted to be with their new project. They wanted to make whisky truly inspired by Taiwan for the people living there, and to introduce the world to the unique ideas and directions their expressions can take.

From Kavalan's Solist selection comes Taiwanese single malt which has been drawn from a cask that previously held Manzanilla Sherry
Manzanilla is much like Fino sherry, which is produced by the sea where the climate conditions are even more suitable for the growing of flor. Though the maturing process is the same as Fino, the texture is lighter and more delicate with a touch of saltiness together with mineral flavours, which are all the consequence of the stable and thick layer of flor and the sea breeze.

The stunning copper colour of this whisky perfectly captures the aromas that will arise ? maple syrup, cr?me brulee, and toffee. Despite the sweet smell, Kavalan Solist Manzanilla is both rich and complex in style, providing the whisky with a great depth. 

700mL | 57.8% ABV

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