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Hum Dinger Limited Release Pink Gin 500mL

Hum Dinger Limited Release Pink Gin 500mL

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Welcome to a gin experience that's both refreshingly fruity and proudly local. Hum Dingers' Pink Gin encapsulates the rich diversity of South Canterbury's terrain, crafted meticulously with foraged botanicals that sing the song of their homeland.

At the heart of its vibrant hue and luscious flavor are bounteous local blackcurrants. These juicy gems, rich in both color and taste, are paired beautifully with the gentle floral hints of rosehip, diligently foraged from the Rangitata.

To achieve perfect harmony, a hint of sweetness dances with the tartness of the blackcurrants, culminating in a Pink Gin that's both exquisitely balanced and deeply local.

Serving Suggestions: For those who savor sweetness, Schweppes Tonic Water or Lemonade makes for a delightful companion. If you're looking for a more traditional experience, Fever Tree's Mediterranean Tonic complements our Pink Gin beautifully.

Care Instructions: To retain its captivating color and character, store your bottle in a cool, dark place. A gentle shake before pouring might be needed, preserving the natural essence we take pride in.

500mL | 40% ABV

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