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Hankey Bannister Original 1L

Hankey Bannister Original 1L

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Hankey Bannister is an exceptional blended Scotch that includes single malts from all five International Beverage whisky distilleries ? hand selected and carefully blended to create a smooth, light and perfectly balanced blend. Hankey Bannister & Co was established in 1757, and their illustrious clientele included Prince Regent William IV, George V and Winston Churchill. Today Hankey Bannister aims to bring an intriguing sense of style and sophistication to the crowded blended Scotch category.

COLOUR: Creamy toffee with a golden hue.

NOSE: A light aroma with a spiciness which gives extra depth.

TASTE: A light, subtle blend, clean, sweet and spicy with honeyed tones and a pleasant lasting finish.

40% ABV

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