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Distillerie de Provence Absinthe 700mL

Distillerie de Provence Absinthe 700mL

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Distilleries et Domaines de Provence selected the location of Forcalquier, the capital of flavours and fragrances, where it has remained to this day. No need to wonder where this subtle blend of many flavors originates. It comes from one of the most fragrant regions of France, where expertly selected ingredients are combined to make products worthy of the "Made in Provence" label.

It is on the slopes of the Southern Alps that the muscat grape finds its excellent aroma, fruitiness, golden colour and just the right level of sweetness. A unique, natural fermentation process turns these grapes into the fine muscat bubbles of the Bau Frizzant. Bau is a wine specific to the Provence region, with a unique character, inimitable fruitiness and great freshness which makes for a very easy-to-drink wine.

Absente is a liqueur made from alcohol, sugar, essence and infusion of wormwood (Artemisia Vulgaris), star anise essence (anethole), alcoholates of lemon balm and mint and essence of grande absinthe (Artemisia Absinthium).

Tips: Here are a few ideas. Adapt to suit your mood and taste: serve using the traditional spoon method, onto crushed ice or, if you love your drinks strong, just serve it neat. With Absente 55 there are no rules.

700mL | 55% ABV

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