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Deanston 2000/21yo Organic Single Malt 700mL

Deanston 2000/21yo Organic Single Malt 700mL

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Not all whiskies work at cask strength and not many whiskies are certified organic.

Deanston however, is a versatile, uniquely waxy, soft, honeyed single malt that lends itself perfectly to being both cask strength and organic.

Bottling at cask strength intensifies the core characteristics of this dram; Matured in organic bourbon casks that deliver a subtly waxy, citrus character. Finished in Organic sherry casks, with hand-selected organic Fino sherry casks delivering a vibrant floral burst.

This is Limited Edition whisky is non-chillfiltered and natural colour with only 2,784 bottles produced.

Vibrant notes of juicy raisins and sweet malt on the nose.  Aromas of shortbread and strawberry jam
Espresso, chocolate cherries and oak infused honey on the palate. A subtle spin on our signature waxy character.
Finishing with candied fruit, a shake of cinnamon and chocolate creaminess

700mL | 50.9%ABV

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