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Camus Cognac VSOP Intensity 700mL

Camus Cognac VSOP Intensity 700mL

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Since 1863, the CAMUS family has been passionately creating cognacs of unique style, bringing family know-how to the purest expression of the exceptional local soil with total respect for the personality of the vines.

The vineyard that is on the Ile de Re island that lies off the west coast of France. The island is the most westerly part of the delimited Cognac region. The rich personality of the vineyards of the Ile de Re enables CAMUS to create cognacs unique in their characters.

Deeply attached to their land, the five generations of the CAMUS family have succeeded in faithfully preserving the brand?s original values. This process of handing down from father to son now ensures the continuity and development of a unique expertise, with the cornerstones remaining the soil, the vine and the grape.

Thanks to a mastery of double distillation both with and without lees, the cellar master will reveal the wine?s ?heart? and soul and bring substance and aromatic complexity to each cuv?e.

This cognac pours a golden with amber undertones.
The nose shows a perfect balance between precious tannins and fresh scents of tropical fruit, followed by intense florals.
The palate is fruity apple and pear notes resonate, accompanied by accents of spices and vanilla.

700mL | 40%ABV

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