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Camus Cognac VSOP Hong Kong 1L

Camus Cognac VSOP Hong Kong 1L

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With its Destination Collection, Maison Camus whisks you off to discover the world's most beautiful cities each with its own lifestyle, traditions and icons! Take them with you, bring them home or offer part of this art de vivre thanks to an exclusive collection created specially for Camus by renowned French illustrator Matthieu Forichon.

Camus VSOP owes its fabulous aromatic character to a blend of wines distilled with some of the lees. This technique requires great expertise, and ensures a remarkable aromatic intensity. The eaux-de vie are then aged in barrels selected for their mild tannins. Particular attention is paid to the toast of the barrels, to ensure that the fruity and floral aromas express themselves to the full whilst also adding a hint of spices and vanilla.

40% ABV



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