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Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels Peated Rum Finish 700mL

Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels Peated Rum Finish 700mL

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Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old is a rare dram and it?s an interesting expression to say the least.  This is the oldest Indian whisky and the limited edition release saw just 320 sets available across the globe ? so it is a true collector?s item. The nose is fairly exotic with some banana, ginger and spiced oranges and if you add a drop of H2O you can detect apricots and coconut. The palate is quite smooth with some sweeter notes of buttered cereal, lemon, sponge cake and some honey with a little malt. The finish is dry with notes of Brazil nut and buttered burnt toast.

57.1% ABV

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