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Talisker 2002/15yo Special Release 2019 700mL

Talisker 2002/15yo Special Release 2019 700mL

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From Diageo's Special Release 2019 series comes a particularly marvellous 15 year old Talisker! Matured in freshly charred American oak hogsheads, it's got spice, sweetness, smoke and sea breeze running through it - and looks like the coastal notes are reflected on the label (in keeping with the 'Rare by Nature' theme of the 2019 Special Releases).

A seaweed iodine note is the first to spring from the glass ? but it?s sunny and inviting, not industrial and heavy. Kelloggs Cornflakes, honey-roasted cashews, tangy cinnamon, warm nutmeg, and caramel notes build on the sense of sunshine, while an undercurrent of peat smoke brings depth. Water rounds it all out a bit and gives more of a velvety impression.
On the Palate there's a rush of sweetness that is a real surprise ? on the front of the palate there are peach notes, raisin and perhaps red cherry. Then it?s all about that rich spice, along with the peat ? a delicious abutment of pepper heat, bright allspice and rolling smoke. With water, it gets even sweeter and a little quieter, but still really tasty and mouth-filling.
The finish is long and rich, but with a happy lightness, too.

700mL | 57.3% ABV

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