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Meili Vodka 750mL

Meili Vodka 750mL

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Meili represents the adventurer’s heart, the purity of discovery, and the spirit of exploration. Every ingredient is purveyed with the utmost quality and character in mind. Handcrafted by friends, intent to be shared. Inspired by the journey – and those met along the way.

Meili Vodka is founded by Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson

Our essence is forged from fire, water, earth, and air.

Every element is purveyed with quality and character in mind. The perfection within the process.

The heart of our spirit, fire, not only powers our stills – but also refines our beautifully unique textured glass. Our flame burns twice as bright – indefinitely, due to Meili’s revolutionary 100% post-consumer recycling capabilities. Vast mountains of broken, discarded glass are heated to molten masses, reborn, and repurposed into something functional and exquisite. This is what makes our glass so unique. The antiqued texture, full of organic imperfections, and the stunning yet subtle Georgia green hue. An appropriate vessel for our outstanding spirit.

The soul of our spirit, water, is the essence of our collective existence. Therefore, before all else, we sought the purest water source available. An ancient aquifer formed over 300 million years ago ushers alpine snow and rainfall through miles of vast underground caverns – filtering and infusing itself with minerals through the veins of natural springs. Meili takes pride in using “living water” to distill and proof our spirits to bottle, resulting in an incredibly refreshing, unpolluted, and truly unique flavor. Our regenerative water source is considered one of the purest on Earth by EPA standards.

The body of our spirit is derived from the earth. A harmonious marriage of native and seasonal grains brings a smooth, bright, and effortless flavor. Our grains are all sourced locally on our own farms, operated by the same family for generations. These farms are located centrally to our water source and distillery, resulting in the smallest carbon footprint possible. A factor that is very important to us. To honor the Earth, we ensure that Meili is created, sourced, and produced as ethically, environmentally friendly, and humanely as possible.

The final breath of life into our spirit is air. From beginning to end, Montana’s crisp, cool mountain air influences our spirit and its ingredients in several unique ways. The 11,000-foot elevation at our aquifer’s peak allows alpine rain and snow to remain untainted before its subterranean journey to our collection source. At the final distillation stage, our vodka is set to “rest” and “breathe” before bottling, resulting in a smoother flavor profile and enhancing taste alongside palatability.

750mL | 40%ABV

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