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Glen Scotia Victoriana 700mL

Glen Scotia Victoriana 700mL

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Glen Scotia's Victoriana sees the Campbeltown distillery's single malt drawn from casks with a particularly heavy char profile, imparting plenty of rich, roasty-toasty notes. This, however, is the Victoriana Cask Strength expression. It's obvious what the difference here is - it's bottled at cask strength, a robust 54.2% ABV, which helps bolster those aforementioned roasty-toasty notes.

The nose is elegantly oak-y, with notes of toasty sugar and citrus peels.
The palate is more fruit forward than on the nose, with dark berry juiciness at its core.
Orchard fruits dusted with dark chocolate on the finish.

700mL | 54.2% ABV.

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