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Douglas Laing's 'Scallywag' Small Batch Release 1L

Douglas Laing's 'Scallywag' Small Batch Release 1L

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A small batch release, which is created using the finest speyside malts including the Magnificent Mortlach, the Magic Macallan and there’s even some Glorious Glenrothes! Wow.

Inspired by the long line of Douglas Laing. family Fox Terriers, which are renowned for being sweet yet rather mischievous dogs, sadly we’ve heard that Binks, the fox terrier upon which the logo and inspiration for this malt is based, has passed away. A wonderful tribute and legacy awaits with this Scallywag whisky.

The Scallywag whisky has a distinct rich colour, extracted from the many fine Spanish Sherry butts used during maturation.

1000mL | 48% ABV

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