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Benriach 12yo Matured in Sherry Wood 700mL

Benriach 12yo Matured in Sherry Wood 700mL

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The BenRiach Sherry Wood 12 Year Old scotch whisky shows sherry cask maturation at its most fruity and luscious. Baked fruit salad with fig, pear, apricot and glacé cherry in mandarin syrup. Honey glazed flan with crème-caramel and toasted vanilla pod add to the multi-layered sweetness. Deep golden bronze, the Sherry Wood 12YO shows a rich fruit cocktail of honeyed fig, baked pineapple and sultana fused with chocolate fondant and muscovado sugar, lifted by mandarin cream, ground nutmeg and vanilla. On the finish savour nectarine, candied grape and star anise, lingering into the dessert-like sherried finish.

46% ABV

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