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Beefeater Pink Gin 700ml Giftpack w Glass

Beefeater Pink Gin 700ml Giftpack w Glass

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Beefeater Pink Gin 700ml + Glass Gift Pack includes x1 700ml bottle of Beefeater Pink Gin and x1 branded Beefeater Copa Glass. Perfect gift for any gin lover! Limited Stock! 

Beefeater Pink Strawberry is made using the original Beefeater London Dry Recipe with the addition of Natural Strawberry flavouring. A vibrant pink gin with delicious strawberry taste.

James Burrough, Beefeater's founder, would often experiment with new flavoured Gins and liqueurs, purchasing his ingredients from London's Covent Garden markets in the 1800s. James' recipe in Beefeater's archives together with London's markets are the inspiration to Beefeater's bright new expression, Pink Strawberry.

700mL + Glass | 37.5%ABV

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