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Bourbon, by far, is the most famous American whiskey and gets its name from Bourbon County in Kentucky, USA, where it originated. Simply put, whiskey is a distilled spirit made from fermented grains and then aged in wooden barrels.

Historians can trace the origin of Bourbon whiskey to Ireland, where there is evidence of it being distilled as early as the 15th century. Due to its historical and geographical importance, there are strict legal guidelines to maintain quality standards and ensure that each type of whiskey retains its unique characteristics. Beautiful bourbon whiskey is what happens when you combine corn, burnt new oak, & time.

  • All bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons, and contrary to popular belief, not all bourbons have to be made in Kentucky.
  • To be called bourbon, a whiskey must be made with at least 51% corn in the mash, along with other grains such as rye and barley.
  • Whiskey matures for at least two years to be called "straight bourbon".
  • What sets bourbon whiskey apart from other whiskeys is the way it is made and aged.

Whiskey is a spirit made from fermented grains and then aged in barrels. But the type of grain and the type of barrel determine the variety of whiskey. According to the American Bourbon Association, to be classified as bourbon, a whiskey needs to be distilled from the grain, or mash, that is, a mixture of at least 51 percent corn. That corn is what gives bourbon its distinctive sweet flavor.

A rich, high-proof bourbon goes best with a big ole piece of ice, while a more elegant bourbon will sparkle with a few drops of water, or may even be had straight in a Glencairn glass. 

Jim Beam White Label Bourbon Whisky is amongst the most popular whisky sold in New Zealand. It comes in sizes from 375ml to 1750ml sizes. Originally distilled in 1795 in Kentucky, USA it continues to be top of its class till today. Jim Beam is the most popular bourbon Brand in NZ and you must try it if you haven’t so far. 

Buy Bourbon Whiskey online and have it delivered straight to your door! We have the best range of Bourbon available for purchase online. Aged in oak barrels, this bourbon is the only extra-aged bottled-in-bond single barrel bourbon. Try this for its smooth and high-quality flavor.

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